Frequently Asked Questions

What is SexWorker?

SexWorker is a database/directory of adult content creators.

What are the benefits for creators?

By adding your profile links to SexWorker you can now be found by users browsing our listings. SexWorker is all about discoverability and helping creators grow their audiences on their platforms.

When you setup your SexWorker profile and add your adult links you are given a short URL ( that acts as a Linktree replacement. This is perfect for your new link in bio.

What are the benefits for users?

As a user you are able to browse our creator listings and filter by various attributes. Hair color, body type, etc. Users can fine-tune the search results and discover their perfect creator.

Can I be on other platforms?

Yes. SexWorker is simply a place where you can list your existing platforms and gain more traffic. SexWorker is a tool that works alongside existing platforms.

Can I make money on SexWorker?

You do not make money directly on the SexWorker but we aim to send you new subscribers & customers to your existing platforms.

In the future we will be releasing a suite of monetization tools for online sexwork.

How are popular creators determined?

Users browsing the listings can sort by 'popular'. The only metric we use for this is profile views. This means the more clicks you get on your SexWorker profile, the higher your rank when users sort by popular.

We recommend sending as much traffic to your profile as you can. Your profile is simply a Linktree-style listing of all your platforms so it is perfect for a link in bio.

How do I setup a creator account?

We welcome all adult creators to the platform. All you need to do is signup and apply. Our application takes a few minutes.

  1. Create an account and start your creator application.
  2. Setup your basic information (profile picture, etc).
  3. Setup your adult links and your attributes (hair color, etc)
  4. Send us a verification tweet.
  5. Submit your application to our team for review.

What are your plans for the future?

Our end goal is to become a large community of adult creators and offer a suite of tools to help creators maximize their earnings through their online content.

The next feature will be Creator Forums where creators can share their knowledge, tips, and discuss industry news.
For any other questions please contact us on Twitter.